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Grease Monkey and Exxon Mobil, Strategic Alliance in Saudi Arabia

Franchise House Company (FHC), the master franchisee of Grease Monkey in Saudi Arabia, announced the signing of a strategic alliance agreement with The Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO), the strategic ally of ExxonMobil in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The agreement covers various business arrangements including supply of oil, equipment, training, joint marketing and sponsorship of events and projects. In addition, the two parties agreed to share knowledge in the field of oil and lubricants to offer advanced solutions in the oil dialysis and automotive engine performance.

Grease Monkey Saudi Arabia aims to spread consumer awareness in the automotive services and engine lubricants aspects. The collaboration with ExxonMobil will allow both companies to jointly participate in automotive-related social and sports activities. Joint promotion campaigns will be announced soon which will rely mainly on social media channels.

This agreement is a major milestone for FHC in its effort to pave the way for Grease Monkey to disrupt the Saudi automotive services sector to offer its quality and fast services. FHC has set a strategy which includes building strong strategic alliances and partnerships to achieve its goals, improve service quality, and training.

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